FORUM (Bulletin board) members have in the past maintained amazing blog pages.

With our 2017 upgrade, however, we closed off access because new readers had become confused between the Blogs and the Forum, and it became a problem that they could login here. However, if any of these bloggers would like to continue their posts here, or a reader experienced in blogging wants to maintain a blog, please send a note via the Contact form and we will set up a special login.

On this summary, we have divided the blogs into topics to make it easier for you to find one related to your own problems. You may be able to contact individual bloggers, or at least read their posts, if you hop over to the Forum (Bulletin Board) and do a search for their username.









nurse with patient

Complex Pain Issues - CRPS (RSD), DVT (Thrombosis)


patient in bed

Osteotomy for angular limb deformity