This is a list of OS names in the US, UK, EU, and other points in the world, who have demonstrated success in dealing with Arthrofibrosis.

Some names have with 'TKR' in brackets as these surgeons are also known to handle Arthrofibrosis after TKR.

Dr David Blaha - Michigan, USA (TKR)

Dr Friedrich Boettner - New York, USA (TKR)

Dr Charles A Bush-Joseph - Illinois, USA (TKR)

Dr Ajai Cadambi - Texas, USA

Dr Scott F Dye - San Francisco, CA, USA

Dr Colin Eakin - Palo Alto, California, USA

Dr Glyn Evans- London, UK

Dr Fred Flandry - Columbus, Georgia, USA

Dr Jason Folk - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Dr Alan Getgood - Ontario, Canada

Dr Thomas J Gill, IV - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr Thomas Hackett - Frisco/Vail Colorado USA

Prof Dr Michael Jagodzinski - Stadthagen, Germany

Dr Thomas Lindenfeld - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dr Hermann O Mayr - Munich, Germany

Dr Peter Millett - Vail, Colorado, USA

Dr Saravanaraja Muthusamy - Odessa, Texas, USA (arthrofibrosis after knee replacement)

Dr Frank Noyes - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (TKR)

Dr Lonnie Paulos - Salt Lake City , Utah

Dr Juan J Rodrigo - Waco, Texas, USA

Dr Donald Shelbourne - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Dr Steven B Singleton - Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Dr Richard Steadman - Vail, Colorado, USA - RETIRED

Dr Simon Tan - Darlinghurst, Australia

Dr Michael A Terry - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr Philipp Traut - Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

Dr Thomas Wickiewicz - New York, NY, USA

Dr Edward Wojtys - Ann Arbor, Mchigan, USA

Here is a thread that lists and discusses, other AF surgeons in the U.K and Europe, who have not yet been used by forum members. It includes links to their articles about arthrofibrosis.