This is the phase when you start getting back to full activities.

Range of motion needs to be maintained, while strength and endurance are getting back to normal. The knee needs re-educating for specific sports activities and to prevent re-injury.


Maintain range of motion

At this late stage of the Rehab Cycle full range of motion should have been achieved. A new stretch to learn is the:

and you need to continue with stretches you have already learned:

Build strength and endurance

At this late phase of the Rehab Cycle, the cross-trainer and the treadmill can be useful for building up strength and endurance. Also longer walks, swimming and cycling are all helpful, as long as the knee is comfortable with the amount you do.

Balance the main muscle groups

There is often too much focus on the quads muscles. The muscle groups all need attention and complementary muscle groups need to be strengthened and balanced - quads/hams, adductors/abductors, trunk flexion/extension etcetera.

Start sports-specific exercises

This may include figure-of-eight running and plyometrics.

Prevent further injury

As you begin to return to sport during this late phase of the Rehab Cycle, it is important to retain awareness of the vulnerability of your knee. There may still be issues with balance and spatial awareness, and pushing things too hard may cause an inflammatory flareup. You need to remember to warm up before and ice down after. If the knee is painful, then go back and step in your rehab routine.