In this phase when you first get out of bed after injury or surgery, the emphasis is on mobility.

First you may need to master crutches. Then there is the challenge of showering or bathing. And this is a really critical time to regain flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) of the knee.



Once you are up and about, your thoughts will turn to the shower. This may not be an easy matter with crutches and slippery floors, never mind the fact that you may be wearing wound dressings or a brace. There are a number of useful bathroom aids that you will find handy.

See the 'shop':

  • plastic covers for your leg
  • shower stools
  • non-slip floor mats

Maintain muscle tone

short arc extensions

Now that you are up and out of bed, the range of exercises can widen. Exercises can now include some stretching and balancing, as well as a range of light muscle exercises:

Maintain passive range of motion

If there is still a lot of swelling, you may need competent help at this stage to regain flexion and extension. The next two exercises are:

Walking with crutches

Crutches will need mastering if this is the first time you have been on them. The trick is to move both the bad leg and the crutches forward at the same time. Take the weight on the crutches while you swing your good leg forward. See -