Static quads (or 'quad sets') exercises are sets of simple quads muscle contractions with the leg outstretched.

These are simple but important exercises to maintain tone in the quadriceps muscles ('lap' muscles) and prevent the quads from becoming inhibited. It looks very simple, but it may be difficult to get the quads to 'fire' after injury or surgery.



In case you cannot see the video, here is a still sequence -

static quads exercise Lie on a firm bed with your back supported comfortably in a relaxed position with your legs outstretched. Point the toes of one leg towards the roof.
static quads exercise Contract your quad muscles by focusing on pushing the knee joint firmly onto the surface of the bed, and hold the position for 5 seconds. You may notice that your heel will lift up an inch or so - do not worry about that.
static quads exercises Relax the quads and bring the leg back to the resting position for 5 seconds. Then repeat the exercise. Repeat this sequence 5 times, then repeat the sequence every half hour while you are in bed.
static quads with a towel In this quads muscle strengthening exercise - quad sets with a towel - the objective is to press the knee down on the towel while keeping the heel on the bed. Sometimes when the knee is swollen it is hard to trigger the quads to contract, and focusing on pressing down on the towel may be more effective than simple static quads exercises without a towel.