Lying wall slides use the weight of the leg to passively improve flexion and active quads contraction straightens the leg again.

When the leg is too weak to do this, you can use the good leg to facilitate the exercise.




In case you have a problem seeing the video, here is a selection of still images for you.

assisted lying wall slide Lie on your back on a firm surface with your legs extended up the wall. You may need some help positioning yourself.

The right leg is the weak one. Use the left foot to help the right knee to bend and the heel to slide down the wall.
assisted lying wall slide Progress slowly.
assisted lying wall slide When you have achieved maximum flexion, hold it for 10 seconds.
assisted lying wall slide Then hook the foot of the good left leg under the other, and help the weak leg back up the wall again.
assisted lying wall slide Try as hard as you can to do the action actively - only use the good leg to facilitate the exercise. Repeat 5 times.