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Nutarelli, Sebastiano
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Knee Rehabilitation, Arthrofibrosis



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From 2007 to 2012 Sebastiano had to fight against a complex knee problem, undergoing multiple surgical procedures and continuing physiotherapy for almost 5 years. This led him to travel to the best orthopaedic clinics around the world to get the best possible care due to the complexity of the case and to move to the U.S.A. for almost 2 years.

Once back on his feet, he completely changed his life enrolling a Physical Therapy Bachelor Degree at the University in Lugano, Switzerland - with clinical rotations in the United States - with a particular interest in orthopaedic, traumatology and sports physiotherapy. Once qualified as a Physiotherapist, he started practicing in an outpatient musculoskeletal & Sports PT clinic in Switzerland and continued his studies with a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Sports Physical Therapy in Lugano, Switzerland, a Master in Biomechanics in Rome, Italy, a Certificate in Clinical Research in Basel, Switzerland, a postgraduate module in Statistics for Health Care Research at the University of Oxford, UK, manual therapy courses & certifications and non-stop PT continuous education courses.

He's now pursuing his Ph.D. around the knee at University College Dublin, Ireland.

He co-founded 2 companies that organise PT continuous education courses in different countries in EU with the best PT researchers and clinical experts coming from all over the world, in which he acts as interpreter from English to Italian and assistant during courses. In addition he teaches and lectures Evidence-Based Practice & Evidence-Based Orthopaedic Rehabilitation in different universities across Switzerland and Italy. He's the co-founder of Sports Rehab, an outpatient musculoskeletal & Sports PT clinic in Lugano, Switzerland, currently employing multiple physiotherapists and expanding to other cities in Switzerland.


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