Prof. Dr. Markus P. Arnold

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Arnold, Markus P
Knee Surgeon
Particular Expertise: 
Knee preservation (cartilage repair, meniscus transplants, ACL reconstructions, osteotomies around the knee); Knee replacement (in particular custom made, personalised knee implants)

Born and raised in Switzerland, Markus Arnold graduated from Basel medical school in 1988 with a thesis titled “Knee problems in bicycle riders and stretching as therapy”. That’s what it professionally was all about: knees, sports, function.

Werner Müller trained him as an orthopaedic surgeon. Later, life led the Arnold-family to the Dutch mountains, first to Nijmegen resulting in a PhD-thesis about crucial details in ACL-surgery. An important phase followed in Groningen NL, where he sub-specialised in knee preservation.

Since 2007 he is back to the roots in Switzerland, since 2014 as leader of the knee-team in the private practice group LEONARDO. Clinical and academic work further focuses now on patient-specific knee prosthesis since 2015.