Dr Robert C Bray

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Bray, Robert C
Knee Surgeon

Dr Robert Bray is an Orthopaedic surgeon based in Calgary, Canada. He practices from the Sports Medicine Centre at the University of Calgary, where he is a Heritage Senior Scholar and Professor in the Department of Surgery. He gained his BSc at the University of Calgary in 1977 and went on to complete his MD and MSc in 1980 and 1991 respectively. Dr Bray is actively involved in research into bone and joint health with a view to create a better understanding of articular vascular physiology to develop novel therapeutic strategies resulting in improved tissue healing and mechanical performance. His research is also supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Arthritis Society of Canada, the Whitaker Foundation, the Department of National Defence, and the Olympic Oval Foundation. Dr Bray's research lab is part of the Joint Injury and Arthritis Research Group (JIARG) at the McCaig Centre of the University of Calgary. His clinical orthopaedic practice is located at the University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre.