Dr Nishith V Shah

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Shah, Nishith V
Knee Surgeon
Particular Expertise: 
Paediatric orthopaedics, Children's ligament injuries, ACL reconstruction, Articular cartilage restoration, Sports injuries

Dr Nishith Shah is an orthopaedic surgeon whose practice is exclusively in the field of arthroscopic surgery, repairing joint structures through the 'keyhole'.

His particular expertise is in arthroscopic ligament reconstruction surgery of the knee, within which field he has special knowledge in the area of childrens' knee ligaments.

Dr Shah is also interested in Prolotherapy injections for soft tissue problems. He has over three years of experience with more than 200 patients and uses Visual Analogue Scoring to assess results. He considers prolotherapy to be an excellent economical modality.

He is also experienced in shoulder arthroscopic surgery, and has a developing practice in wrist and hip arthroscopy.

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