Dr (Mr) Amit Patel

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Patel, Amit
Knee Surgeon
BM, BSc (Hons), FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Particular Expertise: 
Total knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, Knee Arthroscopy

Mr Patel’s has a specialist interest in Hips and Knees ranging from sports injuries to degenerative joint disease and inflammatory arthritis. Mr Patel treats knee pain, instability, stiffness, locking, giving way and swelling. He performs ‘conservative” knee surgery so patients can keep their own joints for longer by restoring cartilage defects when possible, and performing realignment surgery to address mechanical malalignment that predisposes to earlier joint degeneration.

Operations that he performs include; knee ‘keyhole’ surgery, ligament reconstruction, patella realignment surgery for degenerative disease and instability, lower limb realignment surgery (tibial and femoral osteotomy), cartilage regeneration surgery, knee replacement surgery (computer aided and patient specific technology), unicompartmental and patellofemoral replacement and primary hip replacement surgery. He has a team of physiotherapists that work very closely with him to help get you back to your previous activities.

Secretary: Louise Watts - 07824 166046