Dr Bogdan Ambrozic

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Ambrozic, Bogdan
Knee Surgeon
Particular Expertise: 
Patellofemoral instability, Multiligament instability, Osteotomy

Bogdan Ambrozic completed his studies at the Medical faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1995. In 2001 he completed his residency and started to work as orthopedic surgeon at the department of sports medicine and arthroscopy at Valdoltra Orthopedic hospital in Ankaran, Slovenia. He is currently Director of the Bisturmed Clinic.

Dr Ambrozic was specially trained in knee surgeries by P. Lobenhoffer, D. Dejour, P. Neyret, R. Verdonk and M. Strobel. He performs arthroscopic surgeries on shoulder, knee and ankle joint, but he is mainly oriented towards treating patellofemoral instability, multiligament knee injuries and performing osteotomies around the knee joint. In 2014 he started to use the navigation in osteotomies to control the degree of correction and he introduced patient specific 3D printed instruments in osteotomies around the knee. He is working to introduce computer technology and navigation system in daily practice in ortopedic surgical interventions. He is also a member of ESSKA osteotomy committee and promotor of knee preservation surgery.