Dr Alberto Gobbi

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Gobbi, Alberto
Knee Surgeon

Dr. Alberto Gobbi performs scientific, surgical and educational activities at a national and international level. He currently serves as President of the ICRS (International Cartilage Regeneration & Preservation Society) and holds various other positions within some of the most prestigious medical societies in the field of orthopaedics, arthroscopy, sports medicine and scientific research.

Dr. Gobbi’s office is located in Milan where he also chairs OASI Bioresearch Foundation Gobbi Onlus, a No-Profit Organisation, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health and recognized as an International Teaching Center by ISAKOS (International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine) and ICRS (International Cartilage Repair Society).

The OASI Foundation promotes research into cartilage, joint ageing and sports lesions through a network of collaborators from all over the world.

Email: [email protected]