Dr Adnan Saithna

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Saithna, Adnan
Knee Surgeon
BMedSci (Hons), MBChB, DipSEM, MSc, FRCS (T&O)
Particular Expertise: 
ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, Articular cartilage restoration

Dr Saithna is a Sports Injury Knee and Shoulder Surgeon at Sano Orthopedics, Overland Park, Kansas, USA. He is a specialist in arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery of the knee and shoulder. His knee surgery practice is dedicated to returning patients with ligament, meniscus and cartilage injuries, back to high levels of activity, and helping those with arthritis avoid major joint-replacement surgery.

His extensive fellowship training allows him to offer state of the art surgical procedures to his patients including ACL reconstruction, Anterolateral ligament reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, meniscal repair, meniscal scaffolds/transplant, cartilage repair procedures (microfracture, osteochondral grafting, AMIC: autologous matrix-induced chondrogensis), tibial tuberosity transfer, MPFL reconstruction and osteotomy surgery.