Unicompartmental arthritis is joint destruction affecting only the one side of a knee, very often the medial (or inner) side.


The concept of compartments

The knee is roughly considered to have three 'compartments' - where the joint surfaces of the bones articulate or rub together. On the inner side is the medial tibiofemoral compartment, on the outer side is the lateral tibiofemoral compartment, and under the patella is the patellofemoral compartment.


An 'interpretation' of a 2017 published medical paper about the cost-efficiency of unloader braces compared to surgical solutions for unicompartmental knee arthritis.

Video testimonials from patients trying an unloader brace for the first time.

Structural and functional consequences of meniscectomy

Although a patient may feel relief after a meniscectomy, there is invariably an effect on the joint which in the longer term may lead to joint surface damage and structural changes.