A synovial plica is an infold of the joint lining or synovium and which can stretch across the knee cavity.


Where does one get a synovial plica?

Synovial plicae are natural folds of joint lining, but sometimes they become problematic. Four synovial plicae are commonly recognised:

medial plica from the side nipped plica

The filmy band is actually a fold in the capsule of the knee, but that is not appreciated in this illustration.

This illustration gives a better example of how the plica folds in from the capsule surrounding the knee joint.

Plica synovialis
An article about plica surgery in the knee based upon a forum discussion.

A list of references relating to the plica syndrome

What is the Plica Syndrome?

The plica syndrom is an often-missed cause of symptoms around the kneecap.


Part 7 of a course on Diagnostic Arthroscopy by Dr (Mr) Angus Strover

Medial plica

Plicae are often neglected as a cause of knee pain.




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