SPP is an abbreviation of 'suprapatellar plica'.

suprapatellar plica
The suprapatellar plica stretches across the space that exists in the joint above the kneecap.


Significance of a suprapatellar plica

The structure is a natural anatomical structure but is not found in every person. Mostly it is flexible and causes no problems when the knee bends and stretches, but sometimes it can be injured and become swollen and thickened and catch between the femur and the quads tendon.

Suprapatellar plica
An article about plica surgery in the knee based upon a forum discussion.

A case presentation by Mr Angus Strover.



Suprapatellar Plica snapping?

Plica and things to think about or learn


The Role of Complete Suprapatellar Plicae. Mine T, Chagawa K, Ihara K, Kawamura H, Kuriyama R and Date R. Arthrosc Tech. 2016 Feb; 5(1): e197–e199.

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