A single-bundle ACL graft is a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using a 'single-bundle' of graft material as opposed to a 'double-bundle'. 

single-bundle ACL graft
Two endobuttons constrain the ends of the graft.


The ACL anatomy

The anterior cruciate ligament itself is comprised of two bundles. Most knee surgeons still reconstruct it with a single graft, but there are many who are convinced that the double bundle better reproduces the anatomy.


Professor Adrian Wilson explains the history behind the concept of 'anatomical' cruciate ligament reconstruction

Professor Adrian Wilson explains how thinking moved in a not-very-helpful way during the years that cruciate ligament reconstruction was being developed



Double Bundle Surgery with Dr. Freddie Fu in Pittsburgh


Double‐bundle versus single‐bundle reconstruction for anterior cruciate ligament rupture in adults. Sumanont S, Foocharoen T, Laopaiboon M and Tiamklang T. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2012 Nov; 2012(11):

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