The saphenous nerve is the nerve branching off from the larger femoral nerve, and which transmits sensation on the inner aspect of the leg. 

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skin sensation distribution of saphenous nerve
Distribution of sensation relating to the saphenous nerve.


Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve

An important branch of the saphenous nerve relating to the knee is the infrapatellar branch which transmits sensation at the inner aspect and lower pole of the patella, and which is quite often damaged during surgery.

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"There are many reports of IBSN injury caused by surgery, especially knee arthroplasty, tendon extraction incision for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, and incisions for anteromedial knee surgery....The most common symptoms associated with IBSN injury are hypoesthesia, numbness, or allergy in the anteromedial knee joint. Usually, these symptoms trouble the patient only for a short time...."

Citation: Tan J, Wang X, Xiong F, Qian J, Ying Q, Mi J. Case report: A case of injury to the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve caused by medial approach in knee arthroscopy. Front Neurol. 2023 Mar 3;14:1083871. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2023.1083871. PMID: 36937537; PMCID: PMC10020642.

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A discussion of the pros and cons of adductor canal block as compared to femoral nerve block.


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