Rehabilitation is the programme of exercises and stretches undertaken in order to return the knee to as full a function as possible.

assisted flexion exercise

Active assisted flexion - and early range of motion exercise

step ups rehabilitation exercise

Step ups - an early strengthening exercise.

hamstrings curl with swiss ball

Hamstrings curl - a trunk strengthening exercise.


Knee rehabilitation must be graduated

It is important to understand both the objectives of knee rehabilitation and the stages, so that the patient does not progress too fast and inflame the knee, or too slow and fail to regain range of motion.


The Rehabilitation Cycle

Phases of knee rehabilitation and the exercises relevant to each phase.

A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

Links to sites offering a comprehensive range of exercises and stretches for knee rehabilitation.

Objectives of Knee Rehabilitation

An explanation of what rehab tries to achieve.

Assisted flexion

Video of an Assisted Flexion exercise to help to re-build range of motion.

Late phase of the Rehab Cycle - getting back to normal

Activities of daily living and sports preparedness are important in this phase of rehab.