Quadriceps tendinopathy is an overuse condition, where the attachment of the quadriceps tendon to the upper pole of the patella (kneecap) becomes painful.

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What causes quadriceps tendinopathy?

Quadriceps tendinopathy is considered to be an overuse condition, where repetitive jumping, with bending and straightening of the knee, overloads the quadriceps tendon. It is quite frequent in athletes but may be also be seen in non-athletes who may do such activities at work or during leisure activities.

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How is quadriceps tendinopathy diagnosed?

Quadriceps tendinopathy is an important cause of anterior knee pain, but just by examination it may be difficult to distinguish from other causes. Usually the doctor orders an utrasound scan or MRI scan. Doppler examination may also be useful.

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How do you treat quadriceps tendinopathy?

The condition may settle within a few weeks simply with stopping or reducing the repetitive activity, icing the area after any sessions, anti-inflammatories and simple physiotherapy.  If this does not help then the doctor may inject the area with PRP.

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Quadriceps tendinitis

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