In patella infera the kneecap (patella) rides too low down the femur (thighbone).


Cause of patella infera

Inflammation of the anterior interval behind the patellar tendon may result in the tendon sticking down against the tibia, and the patella is pulled downwards.

Patella baja

An 'interpretation' of a 1991 publication, describing how to recognise the early stages of internal scarring causing the patellar to pull down into an 'infera' position.

An 'interpretation' of a 1987 article where surgeons were understanding the role of scarring in entrapping the patella and drawing it into an abnormally low and painful position.




Patellar Infera/Baja.

Patella infera (baja)?

Can patella infera be shown in a MRI??


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