Patella baja is a kneecap that is positioned abnormally low in relation to the groove of the femur.

patella baja after arthrofibrosis
This image is of an extreme case of patella baja (one of our knee forum patients!) where the tissues below the patella repeatedly became 'stuck down', eventually requiring radical surgery of cutting the patellar tendon, mobilising the knee until it was quiet, and then grafting the tendon.


Who gets patella baja?

Some people are born with an atypically low patella, but more often it is a complication of injury or surgery. An abnormally low patella (also called patella infera) is a common complication of total knee replacement. It can also occur after quadriceps muscle weakness, opening-wedge tibial osteotomy, fractures of the tibia, and arthrofibrosis inside the knee.


Consequences of patella baja

If patella baja is not adequately managed it can lead to decreased range of motion (ROM), inability to fully straighten the knee, impingement with anterior knee pain and possibly rupture of the patellar tendon.

Patella infera
Low-riding patella

An 'interpretation' of a 1991 publication, describing how to recognise the early stages of internal scarring causing the patellar to pull down into an 'infera' position.

An 'interpretation' of a 1987 article where surgeons were understanding the role of scarring in entrapping the patella and drawing it into an abnormally low and painful position.




Patella baja and PT.

Patella Baja torture....

Victory over patella baja & arthrofibrosis including new patellar tendon.


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Easy-to-read eBook explaining how the scarring process of arthrofibrosis can affect the patella, pulling it down into a position where every knee bend becomes painful.