The Osteoarticular Transfer System is surgical procedure to core out a damaged bit of joint cartilage and replace it with a healthy bit from a donor.

prepared defect for OATS graft

A defect in the cartilage is prepared for grafting by coring out bone and cartilage.

OATS - osteoarticular transfer system

A plug of healthy bone and cartilage is press-fitted into the hole to replace the original tissues.


Technique of osteoarticular transfer system

The recipient hole is prepared to a depth not exceeding one centimetre. The core of donor bone is taken from the donor femur and press-fitted into the prepared recipient area. Patients need to be non-weight-bearing for several weeks and have daily CPM to keep the joint moving gently so that the new bone and cartilage can fully integrate.


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Failed OATS-How Do I Know.

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OATS - successful!


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