The meniscofemoral ligament is a fibrous structure running from the posterior horn (the part at the back) of the lateral meniscus splitting to pass around the posterior cruciate ligament to reach the medial femoral condyle.

meniscotibial and meniscofemoral ligaments


Illustration of the back of the knee showing how the meniscofemoral ligament splits to pass in front of and behind the posterior cruciate ligament.  

meniscofemoral ligament


Side view of a cut knee, showing the relationship of the two branches of the meniscofemoral ligament to the posterior cruciate ligament.


Complicated anatomy

The meniscofemoral ligament attaches to the back of the lateral meniscus and then splits to attach on the femur, one part going in front (ligament of Humphrey) of the posterior cruciate ligament to attach to the lateral side of the medial condyle of the femur and the other behind it (ligament of Wrisberg) to attach to the medial condyle.  The complicated anatomy at the back of the lateral meniscus often results in radiological confusion, where the ligament of Humphrey may be mistaken for the posterior cruciate ligament and the ligament of Wrisberg may be mistaken for a meniscal tear.

The ligaments help to stabilise the knee.

Ligaments of Wrisberg and Humphrey

A discussion of the differences between the two menisci in terms of their mobility, and what this means in terms of meniscus injury patterns.



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