The ligamentum mucosum - also known as the infrapatellar plica - is a flimsy band of tisse stretching across the front of the knee between the femur bone and the fat pad behind the kneecap.

ligamentum mucosus

The knee joint opened up to reveal the various plicae including the ligamentum mucosum.

relationship of ligamentum mucosum and fat pad


Side view of the knee, showing how the ligamentum mucosum is related to the fat pad and is situated in front of the more substantial anterior cruciate ligament.


Ligamentum mucosum and anterior knee pain

The intimate relationship between the ligamentum mucosum and the fat pad means that the structure can be stretched as the knee bends and straightens. If the composite is compromised either by injury or a growth spurt, pain may be experienced in the front of the knee.

infrapatellar plica


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