KOOS is an abbreviation of 'Knee and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score', which is a 'quality of life' scoring system for knee problems.

KOOS scoring system
The KOOS scoring system has just under 50 questions, which attempt to identify where the patient currently sits in respect of their symptoms, function and quality of life.


Quality of Life score

A 'quality of life' scoring system evaluates the extent to which a knee problem is affecting the person's life, and is used for assessing outcomes after several types of knee injury and osteoarthritis.

Print out your own KOOS scoring sheet.

Knee and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score

Short article discussing the options of consulting a knee surgeon online.

Common Scoring Systems

Knee surgeons commonly use 'scoring systems' to monitor their patients before and after knee surgery.

Results on an online questionnaire relation two knee scoring systems to patients' symptoms and disabilities.



The Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS): from joint injury to osteoarthritis. Roos EM and Lohmander LS. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2003; 1: 64.

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