Knee exercises help to improve range of motion, strength, proprioception and endurance.

goniometer for range of motion of knee

Range of motion (ROM) is measured with a device called a goniometer. Range of motion exercises focus on improving active and passive flexion and extension.

full arc extensions

Strengthening exercises such as full arc extensions can be started as soon as the knee is 'calm' after injury or surgery.

hamstrings curls

Once the regime of knee exercises is well established, patients can work on their hips and lower back.


Early knee ROM exercises


Early knee strengthening exercises


Our ebooks will help you understand where you are in the phases of rehabilitation, and the difference between exercises for range-of-motion, strength, proprioception and endurance, so that you can choose exercises that are appropriate to your own level of healing and recovery.

knee rehabilitation exercises
range of motion exercises
strengthening exercises
ROM exercises
This article offers a suite of early knee rehabilitation exercises for the damaged knee.

Range of Motion

Video explaining the terminology of flexion and extension of the knee.

Knee Rehabilitation Principles

A pretty comprehensive rehab section offering descriptions of many of the routine knee exercises, together with an explanation of where each is relevant.

A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

A personal story of knee rehabilitation going wrong

Objectives of Knee Rehabilitation

An explanation of what rehab tries to achieve.

Hamstrings exercises

Hamstrings exercises should not be forgotten in favour of quads exercises. These two muscle groups should be balanced.