Joint space narrowing is when the bones of femur and tibia are closer together than normal, recognised on an X-ray taken from the front.

medial joint space narrowing on both sides

Medial (M) joint space narrowing on both sides. The lateral (L) side is normal.

joint space narrowing in the knee

X-ray demonstrating joint space narrowing on the one side of the knee.


What causes joint space narrowing?

Joint space narrowing is usually due to loss of the meniscus tissue which normally pads the space between these bones. It may also be due to thinning of the joint cartilage.


Discussion looking at the alternatives to a joint replacement in active patients whose osteoarthritis tends to be limited.

The reasons why doctors nowadays try to preserve the meniscus.

An 'interpretation' of a 2006 publication where the conclusions were rather uncertain as to the benefits of strength training in preventing the progression of osteoarthritis.



Quadriceps weakness predicts risk for knee joint space narrowing in women in the MOST cohort. Segal NA, Glass NA, Torner J, Yang M, Felson DT, Sharma L, Nevitt M and Lewis CE. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2010 Jun; 18(6): 769–775.

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