An internal brace is a construct placed within the joint that supports a torn ligament while it heals after it has been surgically repaired.



Internal brace augmentation is the procedure of strengthening a ligament repair or graft using an internal brace. The internal brace may, for example, be a braid of manufactured polymer.

internal brace augmentation

An interpretation by the editor of a 2017 medical publication.

A case study with two-year follow-up of an adult patient whose ACL tear was managed with repair and internal brace augmentation.



A Narrative Review of Four Different New Techniques in Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair: “Back to the Future” or Another Trend? Malahias M-A, Chytas D, Nakamura K, Raoulis V, Yokota M and Nikolaou VS. Sports Med Open. 2018 Dec; 4: 37.

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