The inside-out technique is a method of repairing a torn meniscus where the sutures are introduced from inside the joint and secured on the outside of the capsule.



Commercial cannulae, called zone-specific cannulae, create a path for long flexible needles pre-loaded with sutures to be passed into the meniscus arthroscopically from the anterolateral portal and then out through the capsule, to be retrieved by an assistant.

The technique can be used for all tears except very posterior ones. It has the highest mechanical strength of the three alternatives (inside-out, outside-in and all-inside), but has been largely replaced by the simpler 'all inside' technique.

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Ian McDermott FRCS explains the current options for managing a meniscus tear.

Meniscus repair

Repair is the optimal surgical management of a meniscus tear.



Macerated Lateral Meniscus After Repair

Your meniscal repair


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