IKDC is an abbreviation of 'International Knee Documentation Committee', and is a commonly used scoring system for knee problems.


Documenting a knee problem

The IKDC scoring system measures symptoms, function, and sports activity in patients who have one or more of a variety of knee conditions, including ligament, meniscal, articular cartilage,arthritis, and patellofemoral injuries.

IKDC forms can be downloaded from the AAOS site, and there is a free online calculator also.

International Knee Documentation Committee

Short article discussing the options of consulting a knee surgeon online.

Common Scoring Systems

Knee surgeons commonly use 'scoring systems' to monitor their patients before and after knee surgery.

Results on an online questionnaire relation two knee scoring systems to patients' symptoms and disabilities.



Patient-reported outcome measures for the knee. Wang D, Jones MH, Khair MM and Miniaci A. J Knee Surg. 2010 Sep;23(3):137-51.

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