A drop-out cast is a splint for improving knee extension.

Drop out cast
Drop-out cast (copyright Dr Frank Noyes)


Features of the drop-out cast

This is basically a cylinder which can be slipped on and off the leg. The thigh is held firm in the cylinder. Below the knee, the front bit is cut away exposing the knee and leg. By placing pads under the ankle, the knee can be pushed into extension.


Preventing arthrofibrosis

Part 11 of a course by Dr Frank Noyes on Arthrofibrosis

An 'interpretation' of a 1987 article where surgeons were understanding the role of scarring in entrapping the patella and drawing it into an abnormally low and painful position.



Case series utilizing drop-out casting for the treatment of knee joint extension motion loss following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Logerstedt D and Sennett BJ. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2007 Jul;37(7):404-11.

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