A double-bundle graft in ACL surgery uses two bundles of graft material instead of one, to try to mimic the normal ligament.

double-bundle ACL reconstruction
The natural ACL is composed of two ligament bundles - an anteromedial bundle and a posterolateral bundle. The double-bundle reconstruction uses two individual grafts to try to reconstruct the original anatomy.


Technique of double-bundle ACL reconstruction

Double-bundle reconstruction is more challenging to perform, and from the patient's perspective there are two additional bone tunnels and one additional incision (skin cut).


Dr (Mr) Pal Trikha explains the issues of single- versus double-bundle ACL reconstruction

Professor Adrian Wilson explains the history behind the concept of 'anatomical' cruciate ligament reconstruction

Professor Adrian Wilson explains how thinking moved in a not-very-helpful way during the years that cruciate ligament reconstruction was being developed



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