A discoid meniscus is an unusual variant of the meniscus shock absorber of the knee, and is wider than the normal crescentic shape.

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discoid meniscus
Discoid menisci are usually found on the lateral (outer) side of the knee. It may be present in just the one knee or both knees, and it is generally understood that the condition is genetic


Symptoms related to a discoid meniscus

Discoid menisci may cause 'snapping' sounds in the knee. Because their structure is also anomalous, they are more inclined to tear than a normal meniscus.

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Peer-reviewed papers

Discoid meniscus: current concepts

Some key points:
  • "Discoid meniscus is the most frequent congenital malformation of the menisci, and primarily affects the lateral meniscus; it is highly prevalent in the Asian population."
  • "Treatment seeks to re-establish typical anatomy using saucerization, tear reparation, and stable fixation of the meniscus."

Citation: Saavedra M, Sepúlveda M, Jesús Tuca M, Birrer E. Discoid meniscus: current concepts. EFORT Open Rev. 2020 Aug 1;5(7):371-379. doi: 10.1302/2058-5241.5.190023. PMID: 32818064; PMCID: PMC7407869.

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