Cruciate ligament repair is repairing a torn or avulsed cruciate ligament from its two ends, rather than using a replacement graft.

Sherman type 1 cruciate ligament injury

The Sherman Classification is useful in determining which cruciate tears are most likely to be amenable to repair.

cruciate repair procedure

Technique of cruciate repair.


Re-thinking cruciate repair

Cruciate repair had been abandoned some years ago in favour of cruciate reconstruction but, with improved understanding of which cruciate tears heal more readily and with improved technology, the procedure is making a comeback, especially in children.


An interpretation by the editor of a 2017 medical publication.

The Sherman System classifies the site of the ACL ligament tear for documentation purposes.

A case study with two-year follow-up of an adult patient whose ACL tear was managed with repair and internal brace augmentation.

Cruciate ligament reconstruction

A surgeon discussion about whether or not one really needs to reconstruct a torn cruciate ligament.



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