Capsulotomy of the knee is a surgical procedure to release tightness of the capsule.

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Freeing knee extension via capsulotomy

The procedure of 'posterior capsulotomy' cuts and releases a contracted capsule at the back of the knee where scar tissue has limited range of motion in the condition of 'arthrofibrosis'.

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Peer-reviewed papers

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    "The loss of knee extension, even if minimal, is disabling and considerably affects the individual's quality of life"....with "quadriceps weakness unresponsive to exercises, anterior knee pain, and a progressive inability to practice physical activities...Therefore, a posterior capsulotomy may be performed to resolve the deficit in knee extension." But "[b]ecause of the potential risks associated with this procedure including progression to genu recurvatum, this procedure is not performed on a widespread basis."

    Citation: Gomes JLE, Leie MA, de Freitas Soares A, Ferrari MB, Sánchez G. Posterior Capsulotomy of the Knee: Treatment of Minimal Knee Extension Deficit. Arthrosc Tech. 2017 Oct 12;6(5):e1535-e1539. doi: 10.1016/j.eats.2017.06.033. PMID: 29354470; PMCID: PMC5709971.

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Posterior capsulotomy
posterior capsular release

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