Bone marrow derived stem cells are cells harvested from bone marrow - and have the potential to develop into multiple tissue types.

bone marrow derived stem cells
Different stimuli trigger the mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate.


Multiple possibilities

Bone marrow is commonly harvested from the iliac crest of the hip. Several types of progenitor cell can be derived from bone marrow which can differentiate into almost any kind of mature adult cell, but the ones that are important in regenerative medicine relating to the knee are the mesenchymal stem cells that can mature into tissues such as fat, bone, muscle and cartilage.

Bone marrow derived MSC
Bone marrow MSCs

A discussion of newer concepts in fat-derived stem cell work.

An overview of current stem cell practice relating to the knee and a hint of the future.

The Editor's interpretation of a 2011 book chapter published in the book 'Modern Arthroscopy'.



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