Arthroscopic trochleoplasty is a keyhole procedure in patients with trochlear dysplasia to improve the shape of the top of the groove where the kneecap runs.

trochlear dysplasia with trochlear bump

In some people the upper end of the groove may be deformed, making it easier for the patella to sublux or dislocate. It may be abnormally flat or even heaped into a bump, as in this example.

arthroscopic trochleoplasty - reducing the 'bump'


From a keyhole portal above the patella, the arthroscopic surgeon lifts up the delicate joint cartilage and re-shapes the bony bump below it to make it easier for the patella to stay in the groove.

arthroscopic trochleoplasty with tapes


Absorbable tapes are used to hold the white cartilage against the re-shaped bone until healing takes place.


Is arthroscopic trochleoplasty a common procedure?

The procedure is only performed in centres that specialise in problems of the patella.

arthroscopic deepening trochleoplasty
keyhole trochleoplasty

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