Arthritis is a destructive process of the cartilage (the 'gristle') at the end of the bones.


Causes of arthritis in the knee

There are many causes and types of arthritis, but the one which is most common and also most commonly associated with knees is 'osteoarthritis'


Management of knee arthritis

Doctors tend to take different approaches in the management of osteoarthritis depending on their particular line of interest - a general practitioner may tend to look at general factors such as weight and diet, a rheumatologist may prescribe anti-inflammatories, including steroids, and knee surgeons tend to take a mechanical approach and try and sort out any structural problems.


Types of arthritis

Not all types of arthritis are the same.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate

Dr Karen Hambly talks about two popular nutritional supplements and their effects on joint cartilage.




25 Years Old - Arthritis in Right Knee. Doctor said it was moderate to bad.

Just diagnosed! Can knee arthritis cause WHOLE LEG to ache?

Can WD-40 help cure arthritis?


Knee Osteoarthritis: A Primer. Lespasio MJ. Perm J. 2017; 21: 16-183.

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eBook - The Magic of Fat Cells

A discussion by Professor Paul Lee about the changes one sees in osteoarthritis of the knee, and the role of regenerative medicine and surgery in improving the status of the joint cartilage in an effort to delay, or even prevent, knee replacement.