ACL is an abbreviation for 'anterior cruciate ligament'.

anterior cruciate ligament

View of ACL from the front of the bended knee.

ACL - knee cut in half

View of the ACL from the side, with the knee cut in half.


The anterior cruciate ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the two large ligaments right inside the knee joint, which are both important for knee stability.

anterior cruciate ligament

There are important issues relating to the timing of cruciate ligament surgery.

Professor Adrian Wilson explains the history behind the concept of 'anatomical' cruciate ligament reconstruction

Professor Adrian Wilson explains how thinking moved in a not-very-helpful way during the years that cruciate ligament reconstruction was being developed

An 'interpretation' of a 2010 medical paper discussing those people who are born without cruciate ligaments, and the sort of associated conditions that might go with this.




What is this strange hard bump on knee after recon?

ACL removal.

ACL torn or not??


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What I have learned about the ACL: utilizing a progressive rehabilitation scheme to achieve total knee symmetry after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Shelbourne KD and Klotz C. J Orthop Sci. 2006 May; 11(3): 318–325.

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