What is KNEEguru? The KNEEguru website has grown to accommodate the many needs of the bulletin board community, but it has become unwieldy and the community spend a lot of time directing newcomers around. The community members have so much knowledge about knee conditions, and they have only had the bulletin board as a medium for educating others. This Information Hub offers a better medium for them to build their own reference material. It also offers a medium for directing people to all the site resources.

What is a blog? A blog is a page of content which is dated and linked to the author. Blogs sort themselves sequentially, like diary entries, but can also use keywords to sort the content by category. You can use the blog like a diary, or a journal, or you can make each entry standalone, like an article. If you feel the content is good enough to cross-reference, then add keywords which will help people find your work.

How do I start blogging? As this is the information hub serving the KNEEguru bulletin board community ('KNEEgeeks'), you need to register. The same login will work here and on the bulletin board. Once you are logged in, you will see a menu on the right (previously hidden) that allows you to 'create content'. Click that, then click 'blog entry' and off you go. Beware of 'Preview' as you must still 'Submit' if you are happy with the preview. Otherwise you may lose your work. If your blog looks good, click 'Submit'. Your blog should go to the blogs page, but you will also be able to find it if you click your own username, or look in the left menu under 'Recent blogs'.

Can anyone else change my blog? The KNEEguru, as site owner, has the ability to amend or delete an entry -  otherwise only you are able to change or delete your own blog.

What are workgroups? Workgroups are groups for collaborative working, with the aim of producing a collaborative or complex document. To form a workgroup to produce a document, you need to contact the KNEEguru and make a case for this. All posts flagged by the workgroup for the book are visible only to the workgroup, but the content that they subsequently post in the book will be visible to all. It is just a way of keeping the main blogs uncluttered.

What is a tag cloud? When you add keywords to a piece of content, then the keyword ('tag') goes into the tag cloud. The greater the number of publications using a keyword, the bigger the keyword becomes in the tag cloud. If any tag in the tag cloud is of interest, just click it and you will be directed to a list of publications that have used that tag.

How do I access my profile? Login, and click 'my account' at the right of the page. Your profiles will also show if you click your member name.

How do I put my medical history on my profile? Open the profile, click 'Edit' and you will see some tabs appear at the top. Just click them and fill in the content and submit.

How do I see other people's profiles? Click their usernames. You can find a full list of usernames in 'Members' in the My Space on the right.