Sheila strover

Dr Sheila Strover (BScHons MBBCh MBA) is the site founder and the editor.


A medical science graduate (1968) and then medical graduate (1974) of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa), Dr Strover emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1983 and worked as an anaesthetist (anaesthesiologist) until 1989 when she left practice to work in a managerial position at the Droitwich Knee Clinic, which she co-founded with her knee surgeon ex-husband, Angus Strover.

While at the Clinic, Dr Strover was involved with the establishment of The Knee Foundation (an academic trust) and helped to design the content of their academic courses, as well as designing and bringing to production a 3-dimensional arthroscopic training model of the knee (which earned two innovation awards from the Department of Trade and Industry).

A sabbatical in 1973-1974 allowed her to study at Warwick University, where she earned an MBA, and at this stage she also established the KNEEguru website and started to build content.

Dr Strover resigned from the Clinic in 2002, and has concentrated her energies on creating within the KNEEguru website a successful venue for the collaboration of both patients and practitioners in the knee field.