Phase 2.  Weeks 3-4 (Visits: 2-4)

Phase 2 of rehabilitation focuses on regaining muscle control and maintaining range of motion.


General observation Non-weight bearing, maximum protection  
  Bivalved cylinder cast  
  Must avoid hyperextension, varus loads, lateral joint opening  
Evaluation   Goals
  Pain Controlled
  Effusion Mild
  Patellar mobility Good
  ROM minimum 0-90 degrees
  Quadriceps contraction & patella migration Good
  Soft tissue contracture None
Frequency   Duration
  Range of motion  
3-4x/day, 10 mins ROM (passive, 0°-90°)  
  Patella mobilization  
  Ankle pumps (plantar flexion with resistance band)  
  Hamstring, gastroc-soleus stretches 5 reps x 30 secs
2-3x/day, 20 mins Straight leg raises (flexion) 3 sets x 10 reps
  Isometric training: multi-angle (0°, 60°) 1 set x 10 reps
  Knee extension (active-assisted, 90°-30°, per quad control) 3 sets x 10 reps
  Aerobic conditioning  
2x/day, 10 mins UBC  
As required electrical muscle stimulation 20 minutes
  cryotherapy 20 minutes
Goals ROM 0°-90°  
  Control inflammation, effusion  
  Muscle control