This video details some kit that might make your rehabilitation at home a bit easier in the first few days after knee surgery.

The last thing you will want to do once you are home from surgery is to go shopping!

So this video explains some of the things that you might like to consider purchasing or hiring before you set off for hospital -




There are many really useful aids to help you get through the first few days at home. Some are readily available to hire from mobility shops, but you will need to book them in good time. Others are available from online stores such as Amazon. Your challenge for today is to listen to this video, take a look at the Checklist below the video, and decide if there are any items that you feel you would like to buy or hire to make life easier when you get home.

Let’s start with a biggish item that you might want to hire to help keep swelling down, and reduce pain. I am talking of a ‘cryotherapy’ unit, which surrounds the knee with cold liquid pumped through a cuff. Often these are supplied while in hospital but taken back as you leave to go home - just when you are really needing a bit of help.

The one I have heard strongly recommended in the UK is called GameReady, and it provides both cold therapy and pressure to help with circulation. Other brands include Aircast and CryoCuff.

Another big item that can also be hired is a CPM unit. This is relevant where regaining range of movement can be a problem. CPM stands for ‘continuous passive motion’ and it works like a jointed limb - you place your leg onto the CPM cradle and it very slowly bends and straightens your leg, even while you are sleeping.

Let’s move to the smaller items. Very useful and inexpensive to purchase are ‘bed raisers’ - plastic or wooden blocks that are used to raise up the foot of the bed and ensure that your leg veins are draining properly. They are relevant for a week or so after surgery, but can be useful at any time if swelling becomes a problem.

At the head end of the bed a foam wedge backrest is good to support you sitting up in bed. Pillows just don’t do a proper job.

If you are going to be non-weight-bearing after surgery, then an office chair on wheels can be useful to scoot around the kitchen, rather than hopping or struggling with crutches.

Before closing off let’s consider one hygiene item. You can hire these lightweight frames with arm rests that go over the toilet like a chair. Not only do they raise the seat but more importantly you can push up with the arm rests to stand up and reach for your crutches.

That’s enough for this video. Remember to check out the Resources below.



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