teresa sliwinski

Teresa Sliwinski at the age of 42 had a microfracture procedure which became complicated by a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

She decided to maintain a diary of the experience, giving KNEEguru readers a valuable insight into her daily life as she struggled with her rehabilitation.

Location: Buffalo New York USA Occupation: Computer Sales Interests: Singing, writing, reading, scrapbooking, biking, swimming, working out at the gym, Tai Chi, bubble baths.


Part 1 - Microfracture surgery

  • Teresa has her microfracture surgery
  • Waiting for her post-op visit with the surgeon

Part 2 - DVT complicates recovery

  • Rehab going well until ....
  • Deep vein thrombosis complicates recovery

Part 3 - Surviving deep vein thrombosis

  • Getting through the dark days of DVT rehab
  • Back on the road to recovery


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Coping with complications of surgery or rehab

When one signs the form before surgery to give consent to the procedure, one also acknowledges that the surgeon has discussed the possibility of complications. It is a scary time. The patient would be upset if they suffered a complication that had not been mentioned by the surgeon, but at the same time the surgeon may hesitate to draw attention to every possible complication because most of them are unlikely to arise!
Deep vein thrombosis is one of those complications that the surgeon dreads, but most patients do not suffer the complication. But it is something that the patient should always be told about, because they will be in the best position to identify early that something is wrong.