My MPFL story 2014

Hi my name is Samantha and this is my MPFL story so far.My left knee has been dislocating from the age of 8. I remember the first time it happened, I was at school playing 'It' and I must of somehow stepped wrong the next thing I remember is my knee crunched and I was in excruciating pain. I managed to limp and sit down and hug my knee while waiting for the pain to go, felt like I had been punched in the stomach. From then on it kept happening every few months; I stopped playing running games and tried to get out of PE which was a shame because before the dislocations I was a good runner.Over the years my dislocations got worse, fortunately I didn't actually know what was happening with my knee as my patella slotted back in so I wasn't aware it actually popped out of socket. I used to think my knee cap twisted around or something. I had plenty of subluxations on a daily basis as well which was annoying and scary. When I was 18 i was walking down stairs and my knee dislocated but the patella didn't slot back in, it was at the side of my knee. I quickly without thinking pushed it back into place, the pain was indescribable. I stupidly didn't tell my mum about my knee problems because she’s had knee problems for years and told me lots of horror stories, I blamed my limping after a dislocation on a recurring twisted ankle. 5 years later at 23 I had enough! After a bad dislocation going upstairs at work I went to A&E and got sent for an X-ray which showed my patella had moved up in my knee from all the dislocations over the years. I was sent home in a cricket splint and crutches and told to come back to see an orthopaedic surgeon in a weeks’ time.After lots of appointments and MRI scans I was booked in for a MPFL reconstruction on 24/9/14, my surgeon is the best orthopaedic surgeon in Surrey UK Mr George Tselentakis. Mr Tselentakis performed my MPFL reconstruction with a synthetic ligament because I didn’t quite fancy the hamstring harvest procedure. Op time took about 2hours.I stayed overnight and was released on the 25/9/14 with no brace just plasters on my incisions and crutches. From day one I was told I could weight bare and to tense my knee to get my muscles working straight away. I have never read a MPFL blog that didn't say they didn’t receive a brace to keep their knee locked straight. I was amazed at my progress from just a few days after surgery. I ditched my crutches about 4 days after surgery and had physio a week after the op.I’ve read so many stories about the pain of the surgery is awful. Honestly? I’ve hardly had any pain, I’m rarely taking painkillers. My knee just feels stiff. When I got my surgical staples removed the stiffness subsided a lot. I do get some pain after physio or my home exercises, but nothing like I was expecting. Maybe I’ve just been lucky I guess or could be down to the surgeon.Physio has been going well and I can now do a 90 degree knee bend and it’s been a little over 2 weeks since the operation. I think because I didn't have a brace to wear, my quad muscles were still able to function because I didn’t have my leg locked in a straight position. I still cannot do straight leg raises and when I get into bed I have to pick up my foot via my sock, also getting in and out of the bath is interesting! I keep my knee straight most of the time but sometimes I sit with it bent but it feels uncomfortable after a while.I wanted to write about my experience because reading lots of posts on here has been very informative, and I wanted to let people know the way I’m recovering. Hopefully this post might be helpful to people worried about having an MPFL reconstruction. You guys will be fine, and keep positive!Please comment with your experiences with this type of surgery, Maybe not having a knee brace is a UK thing?Love Sam xx

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