My story, my worries and my hopes for Friday!

This has seemed like a long process to get to where I am and unfortunately feel I still have a long way to go.On December 17th I took my son, and the children I look after in my home outside to play in the snow. I went to get my sons boots out of our truck and my knee let go with a huge snap and I was on the ground. Luckily my husband was home and could help take our then 12 month old son, the rest of the kids and me back in the house.The first night I iced it, rested it and hoped it would be better in the morning but when it wasn't we went over to the hospital. It hurt a lot and with every step my knee my knew felt like it was just snapping in and out. After an x-ray and an MRI, they  informed me they needed to do surgery the next day. They told me I had torn the knee cap, all the tendons on the left side, and they had to remove a chunk of cartilage (which we later found out was about 4cm). The next morning I was over at the hospital at 6am terrified of my first surgery. The surgery went well though. He reattached the knee cap, stitched the tendons on the left side, and removed the chunk. Although I wish I had found this site then. I felt so confused. I never saw the surgeon again until my post op check up at 3 weeks and the only instructions he left the nurse was don't take the Zimmer brace off except for 2 days after to make sure my stitches weren't infected and to use the crutches. No other advice and no real idea what he did I felt frustrated. All our Christmas plans had to change since I couldn't really ride in the car, my poor husband had to pick up all the slack, and I was in a lot of pain with no real idea what he did or what I was supposed to be doing.At the 3 week appointment he told me what he did, and told me I could start trying to put weight on it and wean myself off the crutches, which I began to do.By my six week appointment I was off the crutches and hobbling around in the Zimmer brace and this is when the new part of my journey began. He told me it was healed enough to take off the brace and begin trying to get my bend back. I started physiotherapy twice a week, a half hour spent on a machine that very painfully bends my knee. The machine stated bending my knee at 50*degrees but I've made my way up to 110* degrees on the machine. I'm told this isn't what my knee is actually getting and we actually measured at the bend and found out it's closer to a 70 degree bend but I keep saying it's better then the 50* I was getting although the physiotherapist I don't think agrees. After I do an hour knee class that involves exercises, trying to balance, practising stairs, trying to peddle a bike, walking on a treadmill, and a pulley system that I can use to bend my knee. I started at 50* at the first of February and am now up to 65* but the physiotherapist isn't impressed. She says it should be more and if I don't get more of a bend by Friday shes sending me back to the surgeon for possible manipulation surgery, which I don't want that! So hears to hoping for a big number Friday!

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