How I got here - Part Two

My continuing journey, thanks to those of you sticking with it.  Two years passed and my knee felt as good as it was before the accident. However, later that year I started to get a lot of pain on, and down the inside of the knee, especially  when going upstairs. I have a very high tolerance for pain and just got on with life as you do, taking the odd pain killer when required. After several months the pain started to become too much and I knew there must be something amiss. Again, off to the GP, who had a quick look and referred me to a Consultant, the time-line is hazy but I think it was about 4 months before I saw the Consultant. It was funny actually because you know they are going to ask, when it hurts, why it hurts, how it feels etc etc and I had been keeping a few notes to remind me. This was totally unnecessary as I just explained the history and he put his hand on the exact place and I nearly went through the roof!

He asked if I would like to try an injection and I may be a bit dim but didn't really question anything but I'm sure now that it was cortisone. I was going on holiday the following week to the Spanish mountains on a walking holiday.....can you imagine? Well needless to say the injection didn't have any impact at all but we did meet a wonderful Australian couple that walked all over the world and they showed me that if you walk up hill doing zig zags in makes it easier, thank you Roy and Pauline you probable saved the holiday. By this time walking on the flat was difficult enough, never mind, I did a lot of eating and drinking instead of walking and the scenery was still wonderful and the people more so.
After 6 weeks I had to go back to the Consultant for my check up and told him the injection hadn't given any relief and booked for key hole surgery in about 8 weeks. He was such a nice chap from Norway I think, lovely man and he did a good job because 6 weeks after the operation I was as good as new and looking forward to putting all this behind me......I'm glad I didn't know what was coming.........
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