day 4..

Had a look under the tubigrip bandage this morning. Clearly the surgeon is experimenting with insertion of the type of small size vinyl footballs kids used to kick around in the 1970s. 

About a third bigger than the other knee and almost perfectly round. Not much bruising, but a bit messy, more of an Ernest Borgnine of a knee then a Jessica Alba. 
Continuing with range of movement exercises. I was initially anxious about the ROM exercises. Like most of the people here post op my main concern has been to protect the graft.
It seemed counter intuitive to be making these relatively drastic movements - particularly the floor heel slide to the behind. I suppose with most injuries we are encouraged to 'listen to your body' and my small football sized knee is telling me to lie down and fend any visitors off with my crutches if they come too near my dodgy leg.
The potential scar tissue forming if left alone is spelled out clearly on the info hub of this site. So early movement is important to get functionality back again. So I am convinced.
Have got about 120 degrees of bend now and it seems to be the swelling causing the resistance more than any tightness inside the knee. Cryocuff has been helpful and knee is not as hot as yesterday.
Live and Let Die on the telly. I notice that in their first meeting Mr Big didn't do what comedians usually complain about. Long expositions, or exotic executions 
(lasers, shark tanks) by the villain leading to an implausible escape by Bond.
It was pretty much 'take him outside and shoot him' Not his fault his henchmen ballsed it up.
Not again!....'s picture
Not again!....